Why Choose Semtronics

Semtronics is cutting edge technology in power electronics Research & Development. We develop high-tech products for the sustainable development of mobility and adapts flexibility to the high requirements of customers.

  • Shape the future of e-mobility.
  • Support its employees in arranging their professional and private life.
  • Internship and trainees for Power electronics hardware and firmware.


Power electronics R&D engineer Apply

Job Description

As Power Electronics Engineer you are responsible for the development of analog/power electronics such as Power supplies and Power converters. You will be involved in the entire design process. This includes responsibilities such as Power converter design and simulation.

You will design to best practices and industry standards in terms of EMC, creepage and clearance, thermal management, and robustness.

Schematics design and PCB layout in Altium and OrCAD.

DCDC resonant converter, BMS, Inverter, Multilevel converter.


  • Bachelors/ Masters in electrical engineering.
  • Comprehensive understanding of printed circuit board design for power electronics application, such as analog signal processing, SMPS , Digital signal processing and gate driver circuits for wide band gap devices SiC , GAN devices .
  • Knowledge of Electrical safety standards, Creepage and clearance, Magnetics design, EMI and Environmental compliance
  • Practical experience with analog electronics
  • Practical experience with power electronics
  • TI Microcontroller/INTEL Altera FPGA programming
  • Programming hardware interfaces SPI, CAN, UART
  • Design and develop embedded firmware for DSP/Microcontroller
  • Digital control of power converter

Skills :- Power electronics, DCDC converter, ACDC converter, Schematics design, Digital control of Power electronics.

Job Location :- Milton Keynes UK

Embedded software engineer Apply

Job Description

Responsible for software development of Autosar based Power Electronics Project for DCDC converter Battery charger. Requirement capture, design, coding and testing for Power electronics converter.


Core Roles and Responsibilities

  • Analysis of product requirements, Architecture design and Debug embedded software.
  • Developing Source codes for target Embedded Systems.
  • Performance Analysis and profiling of embedded software.
  • Set up hardware testing environments.
  • Develop Simulation Models, and analysis of production ready designs
  • Digital control of power converter PI controller stability analysis
  • Strong hardware and software/firmware development skills.

Skills :- Required Skills: Design and develop embedded firmware for micro-controller based automotive product Knowledge of C/C++ , VHDL MATLAB/Simulink, Embedded coder & Code generation Knowledge of communication protocol SPI, CAN /CAN-FD Knowledge on C2000, Hercules ARM and equivalent Microcontroller architectures Knowledge on FPGA/CPLD Altera, Qsys, NIOS Quartus Tool chain. Knowledge of configuration module of AUTOSAR, Vector Tool Knowledge of Automotive system development standard CAN, UDS) System design & Multitasking real time operating systems (RTOS) Knowledge on Reading Schematics and data sheets, Debugging low level hardware interfaces (USB, LIN, I2C, UART, PWM, GPIO, ADC/DACs etc). Experience in Lab Tools – CC/CV Power Supply, Logic Analyzers, oscilloscope, JTAG/ICE Debuggers and Programmers, Soldering etc

Job Location :- Milton Keynes UK

Number of Posts :- 1